The Boston Visionary Cell


(B. August 14, 1935 – D. November 16, 2015)

The imagination is all we have. It is behind everything we do or think. It is not based on any religion, scientific pursuit, or philosophical discussion. It is first in life with no equal. It operates while we are asleep, and when we rise.  No one knows what it is, nor should that be of concern, except for learning how to not suppress it. Most of what we are made to learn in our schools is nonsense, and there is where the suppression begins. If someone tells youthat this or that can not be, ignore them and continue on as long as the motivation (the handmaiden of the imagination) lasts within you. And always have people around you that love you and let you work from your imagination.  This is all that can be, and all that should be. And whatever you do, do not die. There is no percentage in being dead. You will miss out on what happens next.


Paul Laffoley (2012)



Irish Museum of Modern Art
Spiritualized: As Above, So Below

American Folk Art Museum

Museum of Old and New Art
Museum of Everything: The Private Life of Art

Francis Naumann Fine Art
Paul Laffoley: The Visionary Point

American Visionary Art Museum
The Great Mystery Show





The Essential Paul Laffoley: Works from the Boston Visionary Cell

336 pages | 118 color plates, 15 halftones | 11 x 11 | © 2016

Together with an introduction by editor and gallerist Douglas Walla, a biography by fellow artist Steven Moskowitz, and essays by scholars Linda Dalrymple Henderson and Arielle Saiber, this book is a long-awaited celebration of the theories, writings, and artworks of an extraordinary mind.